Japan… again?

Hello everyone, I’m back from my latest adventure! Actually, I’ve been back for almost a couple months already, but I haven’t had an internet connection until now so I’m a bit late publishing the report. Sorry about that.

The plan was to spend two weeks in the Tohoku Region of northern Japan, however I ended up adding a few more days and flying into Nagoya instead of Sendai because I really wanted to see the city. Turns out the plane tickets were much cheaper if I stayed there an extra week, so my trip ended up being 4 weeks long with an added Kyoto and Nara to the itinerary. The exact day-by-day route:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.13.41

As always I went solo and had a tight budget, I used night buses and local trains to get around instead of the more common JR Pass.

20170717_101520 2

As for the plane ride, my bad luck in flying from last year was apparently still lasting.

Chubu Airport had cancelled all flights because of too heavy rainfall, so our plane couldn’t land. Instead we landed in Osaka Airport… some 4h away from Nagoya on the slow train. While I was worrying about whether there’d be a free bus for us or not, actually just because we landed in Osaka it didn’t mean we were allowed to leave the plane! Japan is very strict about who goes into the country, and because we weren’t scheduled to step into the country from Osaka, we had to wait on the plane. Two officials came some 10min later with a big camera and filmed all of our faces to have our presence registered.

The Captain said the plane was re-fueling in Osaka and after about half an hour he said that we would be able to take off again an hour after that, this time from Osaka to Nagoya. We ended up arriving to Nagoya Airport at 12:30, instead of at 9am as planned.

It didn’t really matter much, I’d planned on a lazy day since I knew I’d be too tired to do anything after the flight. Finally making it to the train leaving the airport at 1pm, I decided to skip Tokoname, a pottery town right next to Chubu Airport, and go straight into the city instead. My first spot of the trip was Atsuta Shrine and surrounding streets, but I will add the report of that together with the Nagoya post to have it all in one place.

20170717_101702 2

With no more pointless commentary, let it begin!


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