Strolling through Odaiba (お台場)

I was expecting Odaiba to be a very lively place, so my first stop was Sega Park to see the ambience and all the people playing with those recreational machines that made so much noise. I already mentioned this in another post, but it was a rainy Thursday morning and as you can imagine Odaiba in those conditions isn’t a very lively place.
So as I found myself once again in a place with few people I decided to skip Sega Park and take a bit of a walk around as I made my way to FujiTV and the Miraikan.

The rain won’t stop people taking photos of the Himiko Boat and Rainbow Bridge!
My first impression of Odaiba as I left the Himiko Boat Port.
Street full of cafés

There are many stairs leading down to the streets on ground level, but I thought walking on the elevated walkway was much more fun.

I don’t know what building that is, but I like it.
Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line that way!


I’ve dubbed Odaiba as the futuristic island of Tokyo. Just look at this walkway!
Finally reached FujiTV


You can buy a ticket if you want to go up to the observatory platform in the ball, but it was pretty expensive so I just went up halfway.


And up I go. They had televisions lined up along the stair’s sides which is something I find slightly useless since nobody can stop to look at the screen properly, but appropriate all the same having in mind it’s FujiTV.


There’s the Yurikamome train!
These school kids are going up to the ball.

Other than the observatory platform, FujiTV also has the One Piece Restaurant (seen in the background in the photo above) as well as a shop with merchandising from many of the channel’s different shows.

Yurikamome and Odaiba seen from FujiTV

Once I was done I walked to the Miraikan Museum, first passing through a shopping mall where I wasted most of my daily money and the DiverCity Gundam Statue.


The good thing about June and July are the hydrangeas
Gundam Statue. I don’t really watch the series but it was still pretty impressive

I’ll write about the Miraikan in another post since I spent most of my day there, it turned out to be much more interesting and fun than I’d expected it to be.


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