Tokyo Underwater: Himiko Boat (ヒミコ)

I arrived a bit after 9am at Asakusa to buy my ticket to Odaiba before they ran out, wanting to get the first boat of the day to the island to make the most of my time there. But apparently nobody goes to Odaiba at ten in the morning on a weekday, especially if it’s raining, so I didn’t have to put up much of a fight for it. I had initially intended to take one of the cheaper boats but since I had spare money from the couple of days earlier, I allowed myself to take the Himiko trip I’d wanted. I think it cost me about 1600yen the one way trip.

That’s the Himiko Boat with the Rainbow Bridge in the background. Kind of an ironic name for the bridge considering how grey the day was.

Himiko might just be the coolest boat I’ve ever seen, by the way, what with its windows and the inside lighting making it look pretty futuristic. It sells snacks and drinks at the bar but they are pretty pricey. Lucky for me, I’d stopped by a konbini while I waited for the boat to arrive so I had my own set of snacks.


I don’t need to become an astronaut anymore, this is close enough to a spaceship.

The best part of the ride -apart from the boat itself- was being able to see a close-up of all the different bridges crossing the Sumida river, each with their own story.



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