Why make this blog

The reasons why I’m creating this blog are a) my family is sick of seeing all of my Japan photos over and over again but I’m not done talking about them, and b) because I miss Japan.
I’ve had a long-term interest in Japan and have been studying the country from the sidelines, mainly the cultural side, for years. Time came that I was able to stop pretending I was in Japan by wandering around virtually on Google Maps and through photographs and actually visit the country in person. A two-week stay in Tokyo was what made my dreams come true.
I’m here to tell you all about those two weeks. You’d think my stories will run out pretty quickly, but I have so much to tell that I think they’ll last me a while. Until I manage to go to Japan again, that is.
Yes, I am aware the featured image has nothing to do with the post. Nice to meet you!


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